Engaging Gay Activists on Campus: Primer (article)


Lessons from Rosaria’s history as an anti-Christian professor, plus dos and don’ts for living out Christ on campus. For Intercollegiate Review.

Unsensational Supernational Unlikely Conversion (audio)


Approximately 23 minutes.
Todd Pruitt and Carl Trueman discuss Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert. For the Mortification of Spin podcast.


The Unborn and the Christian Faith (audio)


Approximately 38 minutes.
Once a pro-abortion feminist, Rosaria now speaks about women and abortion in light of the gospel. For The Gospel Coalition.

Time Challies, Peter Jones, and Rosaria Butterfield Discussion (video)


Approximately 40 minutes.
Panel. A discussion about how Christians interact with the Bible, identity, same-sex weddings, and more. For Ligonier Ministries.