Public Policy

Why I Signed the Nashville Statement (article)


On the Nashville Statement. For The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.

I Thought Planned Parenthood Protected Family Values (article)


On the pro-choice mindset, Frankenstein, and Jesus. For The Gospel Coalition.

On the Pro-Choice Mindset (video)


Approximately 2.5 minutes.
The values behind the pro-choice mindset and the healing understanding of gospel adoption. For The Gospel Coalition.

SCOTUS: Too Much and Too Litter (article)


The Supreme Court decision for same-sex marriage and why “sexual orientation” should not prescribe personhood. For Reformation 21.

The Supreme Court & Same-Sex Marriage: Preparing Our Churchs (video)


Approximately 48 minutes.
How our churches can prepare for the challenge, and how individuals can be trained to listen well and share the gospel with LGBT neighbors and others.

DOMA and the Rock (article)


How to be on the losing (political) team, homophobia and homosexuality, and remembering that God is our Rock. For