Testimony & Conversion

My Train Wreck Conversion (article)


Rosaria’s testimony, written for Christianity Today

A Train Wreck Conversion (audio)


Approximately 26 minutes.
Perceptions of Christians (before she was one), modern morality, and talking with those who aren’t Christians. For Family Life Today.

Patrick Henry Newsmakers Interview: Rosaria Butterfield (video)


Approximately 105 minutes.
Becoming lesbian, campaigning against stupid, a kind letter, hospitality of Christians, and conversion. Plus Q&As. For Patrick Henry College with WORLD Magazine.

Journey of Grace: From Lesbianism to the Parking Lot to Church (article)


Becoming lesbian, being befriended by Christians, and the uncomfortable walk into church and through the chaos of conversion. For WORLD Magazine, excerpts from video.

Rosaria Butterfield: Homosexuality and the Christian Faith (video)


Approximately 47 minutes.
How Scripture cut into Rosaria’s life, enabling her see herself from God’s point of view. For The Gospel Coalition.

An Unlikely Convert: An Interview with Rosaria Butterfield (article)


Responses to Rosaria’s conversion, how to talk to someone who claims to live a homosexual lifestyle and be a Christian, and counsel for those experience same-sex attraction. With Tabletalk Magazine.