What is Hospitality? (audio)


Approximately 26 minutes.
Why to bring strangers into your home, and how the hospitality of Christians opened her to the gospel. For Family Life Today.

An Interview with Rosaria Butterfield (audio)


Approximately 36 minutes.
Discussing Openness Unhindered, and the importance of hospitality and the normal means of grace. For the Council of Biblical Men and Women.

Loving the Stranger: Awakening & Hospitality (VIDEO)


Approximately 47 minutes.
The importance of hospitality and how the Lord uses it to bring people to faith and grow them in Christ. For Ligonier's 2018 National Conference.


What Is Truth? (audio)


Approximately 25 minutes.
What we give up to be a Christian, and how to defend marriage with love. For Family Life Today.

Prayer Walking with Your Neighbors (audio)


Approximately 20 minutes.
The mercy and grace found in prayer and hospitality.